VAV Audiovisual has a collaboration agreement with EIKONOS, a leading company with more than 30 years of experience in the audiovisual sector, which guarantees that it has the technical and human resources necessary to tackle any type of audiovisual project.

VAV Audiovisual provides solutions of all kinds in the audiovisual field. On the one hand, everything related to fixed installations such as museums, exhibitions, pavilions, corporate headquarters, TV sets, showrooms, stands.

On the other hand, the audiovisual production of all kinds of events: sporting, cultural, business, roadshows, etc.

In addition, VAV Audiovisual has the technical and human resources to generate content: video post-production, videomapping, interactive, 360 VR content, augmented reality, graphic and web design.


VAV Audiovisual applies synergies with other VAV Group business units such as VAV Broadcast in relation to production and post-production means, VAV Digital in relation to the online dissemination of content, social networks, web development and apps, VAV Studios with the offer of television production studios for the production of events, e-sports, advertising, etc. And in the same way VAV Engineering, with all its know-how in the design, installation and integration of technical means in fixed installations.

Fixed Installations

Fixed installations require finding the best technical audiovisual and architectural lighting solution to adapt to the projected aesthetics, always complying with safety regulations.

In this sense, the first objective of VAV Audiovisual is to select the best available technological solution that adapts to each specific project. Once selected, the VAV Audiovisual team undertakes from the comprehensive audiovisual technical design, through the engineering and planimetry works to the construction, assembly, installation and integration of all the audiovisual elements involved.

In the case of complex installations, VAV Audiovisual has automation tools for remote management of all audiovisual systems, ranging from remote switching off and on to updating the audiovisual content itself online, thus facilitating maintenance operations. The professional experience of our human team allows us to fully understand the needs of each of our clients and thus adapt them with the most innovative technology to any type of installation.


VAV Engineering has audiovisual and broadcast engineers capable of designing the video / audio / data / energy installation and carrying out the installation, integration and commissioning of all audiovisual systems with the highest level of professionalism and always maintaining the highest standard quality.

Audiovisual Event Production

VAV Audiovisual by the hand of EIKONOS has the technology and human team capable of advising the client both from the technical and creative point of view for the audiovisual production of any type of event: corporate, cultural, sports, etc.

Finding the right audiovisual solution that best suits each event is essential. This associated with a start-up and coordination if errors during its execution translate into success.

VAV Audiovisual works together with the client to guarantee the optimal impact of this type of event on the audience.


VAV Broadcast is a specialist in the broadcast production of high-level events of all kinds with technical means and latest generation Mobile Units, in addition to having remote production and performance tools, with streaming content distribution for corporate, cultural events, concerts , etc.

For its part, VAV Digital has OTT platform solutions, audience control / VoD, digital campaigns on social networks (Social Ads, email marketing, SEO strategies), corporate design and web development / apps etc, which allow global dissemination of the audiovisual event in order to complete a 360º service.


Applying all available technological innovation using creativity and imagination is the basic quality necessary to make any audiovisual installation attractive to the audience. The ability of VAV Audiovisual to provide “turnkey solutions” not only with regard to the design and projection of audiovisual elements but also by having the creative team that is capable of designing the appropriate content for each of the facilities carrying out An optimized use of the available technological capabilities allows us to guarantee the success of any audiovisual installation. & nbsp; Within the design and creation of content, we have the most innovative video recording and post-production media.


VAV Broadcast and VAV Studios have the technology for recording, video and audio post-production, 3D graphics, virtual reality and even television recording studios, which guarantee the production of any audiovisual content. Associated with these technical means we have professionals in charge of carrying out all the narrative development of the content from the script, through the filming, assembly and reaching the post-production.