VAV Broadcast is still immersed in the broadcasting of the carnival 2019 for Canal Extremadura. We entered the final stretch of the second week of production.

Yesterday we were in the capital of Extremadura to produce the final of the Concurso de Chirigotas and Comparsas del Carnaval Romano for Canal Extremadura TV. Up to the Palacio de Congresos of the city of Mérida, we moved our UM 21 HD with an allocation of 6 cameras chains, 2 box lenses 72x and 95x, 1 EVS, 4 VTR Dvcpro, inscriber, 2 wireless systems of reporters and 1 commentators position.

Today Friday we will be again in the city of Badajoz, in the López de Ayala Theater, to produce the great Final of the Murgas Contest of the 2019 Carnival. The six best Murgas will be the groups that compete for the triumph of the current edition of 2019. VAV Broadcast will provide the following technical equipment: OB Van 21 HD, 7 camera chains, 1 crane of 12 meters, 1 box lens, 1 EVS, 4 VTR, 1 Inscriber labeling system, 3 wireless returns, 5 wireless DPA, 3 microphones wireless hand, in addition to all the technical staff, assembly and operation.

To end the Carnival, on Sunday from Badajoz we will carry out the well-known Parade of Comparsas. The expected parade will feature in this edition with 94 comparsas, more than 7,000 people will make up the total of the groups.

More than 7 hours of direct. The technical deployment will amount, in addition to our OB Van 21 HD, to 7 camera chains, 1 hot head of 12 meters, 2 box lenses 72x and 95x, 3 wide-angles, 1 EVS, 4 VTR, 1 Inscriber and 1 commentator position.