VAV GROUP, within its strategy of expanding its business lines, the proven vocation of service and excellence towards its customers, has begun the integration of the new OB Van 22 4K.

The VAV Broadcast and VAV Engineering business lines have once again combined their experience to develop and fully execute this project, as part of their constant synergies providing the best of engineering know-how on the one hand and the operational experience of the other, resulting in a Improvement in customer experience in each of the projects they carry out.

The new OB Van 22 4K is already in the VAV GROUP facilities to begin installation and commissioning.

The OB Van 22 4K can work with up to 20 4K camera chains.

As for equipment, the OB Van 21 4K will be equipped with a 4K video matrix with MADI audio integration, 4ME mixer, Craltech monitoring, CALREC SUMMA 128 CH 36 + 8 faders sound table, and can be equipped with up to 6 video servers 4K.

The ergonomics design of the new OB Van 22 4K will allow a capacity of up to 18 jobs.

The OB Van 22 4K will expand the offer of VAV Broadcast by up to 8 OB Vans, which have a capacity from 4 4K camera chains of the OB Van 6 4K, to 20 4K cameras from the OB Van 22 4K.

VAV GROUP is committed to technological innovation, with the aim of staying at the forefront of the national and international market and fulfilling the commitment to provide the best service to our customers.